At the UAI refuge, from the rain and the cold.

Donate to those in need

Sometimes, we don't realize how much power we have in our hands.

Our time, our energy, actions... can really make a difference.

The well-being of pets has always been at the center of Leo&Luna's mission, but in March we decided to take a step further by making a contribution to those who really need it: abandoned dogs .

UAI refuge

We have decided to support the Uai Refuge , which has been welcoming abandoned dogs throughout Italy since 1987.

Thirty-five years caring for, caring for, loving and even finding a home and family for abandoned dogs .

Currently, they are renovating their shelters to ensure that no dog suffers from the cold. But they need your help to cope with the coldest and rainiest days .

Read their extraordinary story and commitment to many charitable activities.

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Alessio from the UAI shelter asked us for kennels and quilts for medium and large dogs ; there are no limits on quantities.

Better to have spare parts with dogs that destroy things. So how many can you get based on the customer. Even just a kennel and a blanket for the shelter and for that dog is worth a lot .

When you choose to buy the blanket and the dog bed, you pay 50%, Leo&Luna pays 50% and shipping .

The UAI shelter knows that it was you who donated because on the package you will be the sender of the gift .

Donate because just thinking is not enough.

Buy warm kennels and cozy quilts for the dogs of the UAI shelter.

Your purchase will be shipped directly to the Refuge .

Your contribution can make a difference.