Why Become a Partner of Leo&Luna:

Transform the challenge of large-scale retail trade into a unique opportunity
We at Leo&Luna are recognized as specialists in the creation of kennels, where each product is a symbol of craftsmanship and superior quality.
Our commitment to creating artisan kennels is not just a promise but a tangible reality that is reflected in every fiber of our products.
From carefully chosen materials to meticulous manufacturing techniques, we ensure that each kennel not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our most demanding customers.
Join us in elevating your store offerings with products that embody excellence in design and functionality.

An Offer That Stands Out:

In the era of mass retailing, competition can seem fierce .

The key? Offer something not found on the shelves of large retailers.

We know that every business project is unique , and yours is no exception.

With Leo&Luna, we offer not only superior quality products, but a flexible partnership that respects your business needs in the range of pet comfort.

Unprecedented Customization:

Once upon a time, customization was an unattainable dream.

Today, with Leo&Luna, each dog bed can be adapted to specific needs: removable cover, with customized dimensions, enriched with personalized embroidery.

This is the real difference.

Starter Packs

For new B2B partners, Leo&Luna has created a special offer: our Starter Pack , which includes 8 dog beds in two designs of your choice , available in sizes S, M, L, and XL.

This starter package allows you to have a basic sampling of the best-selling fabrics (of your choice) in the sizes most purchased by pet owners and to experience first-hand the artisanal quality of our fabrics, the finishing of the seams, the removable cover options and possibly provide an embroidery service for your client's dog's name... everything is simply perfect !

What if you are not completely satisfied ?

If you are unable to sell the dog beds within 60 days , we offer a replacement policy. We want you to be confident in the quality and value of what we offer.

Payment without worries

Understanding the financial needs of our partners is essential. For this reason, Leo&Luna accepts all major credit cards and offers deferred payments through Afterpay.

This solution allows you to divide the payment into more manageable installments , making purchases easier without impacting your liquidity.

Payment flexibility is just another way we're committed to supporting your business growth with superior products.

Unique Conditions for Success:

With Leo&Luna , you can start your adventure in the world of pet care without large initial investments.

Buy the exceptional quality of our range, accessing our 50% discount, managing your shipping costs, to explore the offer risk-free.

For partners who are ready to take a step forward , we offer an additional incentive: by investing a minimum of €300, we reward you with an extra 10% bonus . This not only optimizes your profit margin but turns every purchase into an investment in the future of your store.

Custom Support:

We know that every business is unique.

This is why we offer you a free consultation with one of our expert commercial consultants who can answer all your questions, doubts or insights.

Becoming a Leo&Luna partner means embracing an opportunity to stand out, offering products that respond to the growing demand for quality, customization and ethics.

We are here to support you every step towards success.

Schedule your free consultation today and find out how Leo&Luna can transform your offering and your business.